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Why membership? is a young blog but with a lot of experience in  Trading and Social Trading.  We help you in this new world  easier to find your way around. Be in the middle of it instead of just being there!  There is simply more with a membership.

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Membership makes it possible to penetrate even further into the spheres of Sotrawo.  Keep your finger on the pulse. Have a say in the content. Learn more about the "trading" traffic light system.  This gives you the opportunity to interact directly. 


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The world of social trading is complex. With a coach at your side, you will find the providers that best suit you right from the start. You start the first steps in your own "Social Trading World".



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Manage your trading risk with the proven traffic light system. Let this form of risk management simply be explained to you. Benefit from your coach's experience with your membership.

Sotrawo offers a YouTube channel that delights our subscribers with fundamental, chart and news-based analyzes, including the traffic light system.

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Together with the online trading platform XTB, Sotrawo offers you webinars.